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Locksmiths Coalville

When looking for Locksmiths Coalville or Emergency Locksmiths Coalville give Neale at Hightower Locksmiths a ring on 07518978761 for a free no obligation quote or advice.


Our services include:


Locks Opened

Locks Replaced

Locks Upgraded

Locks Supplied and Fitted

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved

Emergency Locksmiths Coalville

24 Hour Locksmiths Coalville


By using a Local Locksmith in Coalville our customers benefit in a number of ways.Hightower Locksmiths are family owned so when you phone us you will speak directly to Neale the owner.


Our Locksmiths prices in Coalville are very competitive and transparent there wont be any hidden charges and we guarantee our work.


Neale lives in Coalville so you will be getting a fast response, especially important when you need an Emergency Locksmith in Coalville. He wont leave you standing on your doorstep, he is able to tell you exacly how long he will be.

Locks Opened With Locksmiths Coalville

Our Locksmith in Coalville and business owner Neale is well experienced in opening locks without a key. He uses different methods but when possible will always try and open your door without any damage to the lock. If you need a lock opening then give Neale a ring at Hightower Locks 07518978761 for your free no obligation quote. Whether its a newer euro cylinder lock or a older style motice lock Neale is experienced working on both newer and older locks so you will not be disappointed with Neale your Locksmith in Coalville.

Locks Replaced With Locksmiths Coalville

When you need locks replaced in Coalville ask Neale of Hightower Locks for a free quote on 07518 978761, whether its for a upvc door or wooden door Hightower Locksmiths can help with locks to suit most budgets.


Most of our Customers replace locks when they move into a new property which is highly recommended since you dont know how many people may already have keys and when we are replacing locks we will explain the differences between standard and high security locks and advise you on the best ways of protecting your property.


When a lock is becoming difficult to open its always best to replace before the lock fails and leaves you with the possibility of being locked out. Again, phone your Coalville Locksmith Neale who can diagnose your lock problem and offer cost efficient solutions. It may cost you less than you think.

Upgrading Your Locks ? Ask Neale Your Local Locksmith In Coalville

24 Hour Locksmiths Coalville

Moving into a new property or business? or simply renewing your insurance policy or replacing locks for another reason then its time to check what type of locks are on your door so call Neale of Hightower Locksmiths on 07518 978761

Many insurance policies ask for particular types of locks but most of us dont know the difference between a 3 and 5 lever mortice lock, this is where your Local Locksmith Coalville can help. Neale will be able to compare what you have on your door with what your insurers want and if required can upgrade your locks to the latest  

British Standards.

Upgrading your locks is important as new methods of attack learned from the internet enables thieves to get past the older type of locks with ease. Neale your Local Locksmith Coalville can advise you on protecting your property and family and what locks are available to suit your budget.

Locks Supplied And Fitted In Coalville

When you rent or buy property sometimes you may not be satisfied with the type of security you have on your doors and need something better. This is where Neale your Locksmith in Coalville can help. He's an expert in security and by simply phoning him on 07518 978761 he can advise and let you know whats available to enhance the security on your doors and if required give you a no obligation quote.

So if your needing Locks supplied and fitted in Coalville then Neale of Hightower Locksmiths is the person to ask. He's a Local Coalville Locksmith so you will be guaranteed a good price, good work and a guarantee. It's that simple.

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved

Did you know that the majority of doors in the UK are now of the Upvc type? This means that Neale of Hightower Locksmiths Coalville is working on these types of doors most of the time, and although Upvc doors are low maintenance they do fail from wear and tear so when you need your Upvc door lock problems solved then call Neale on 07518 978761 for a free quote.

There are common problems that occur with Upvc doors such as floppy handles, key stuck in lock, key snapped in lock, unable to lock the door, unable to unlock the door, door is jammed, door is catching the frame whatever the problem Neale of Hightower locksmiths Coalville can help.

Emergency Locksmiths Coalville

Locked Out Call 07518 978761 Now

When looking for Emergency Locksmiths Coalville most people ask 2 questions, How much will it cost ?, and how long will you be ? Because Neale is a Locksmith in Coalville you are guaranteed a good price and he will be with you fast. He wont leave you standing on your doorstep for long.

Your Emergency Locksmith in Coalville Neale will always try and get you back into your property without the need to damage your lock, however he carries a large amount of stock so if youve lost your keys and need to replace your locks then he will be able to do this for you at a reasonable cost.

Window Locks And Handles Supplied And Fitted By Locksmiths Coalville

Lockkeys Locksmiths Window Locks And Handles

If you've got problems with your Window Locks And Handles then you've come to the right place because Neale of Locksmiths Coalville can help you out with any problems you may have simply call 07518 978761.

If you're unable to open a Upvc window or unable to unlock a window handle give Locksmiths Coalville a ring he's been solving problems like this for a long time. Neale will be able to open your window locks and handles and replace them with new if required or adjust the keeps if the lock is jammed but still working.

Unfortunately with some older window handles it won't be possible to match them up as they may now be obsolete but Neale could change as many as required so they will all be new and matching and will be lockable with the same key.

Looking For Local Coalville Lockmiths Call Neale On 07518 978761

When looking for Local Coalville Locksmiths call Neale on 07518978761 because he lives in Coalville. Your call will be answered by Neale it won't be answered by a call centre, and by calling a Local Locksmith In Coalville you will benefit in a number of ways.

First of all you will be paying a local and not a national price. Secondly you will get a faster response as Neale actually lives in Coalville. Thirdly Neale guarantees his work. His good name means a lot to him as he knows if he does a good job for you then you are more likely to recommend him to others.

Neale provides a 24 hour service in and around Coalville so when you need a locksmith just give him a ring on 07518 978761.

What To Expect From Emergency Locksmiths Coalville

Locked Out In Coalville Call Neale 07518 978761 


For many people the first time they need Emergency Locksmiths Coalville is when they are locked out of a property so what should you expect from this service ? The locksmith answering the phone should be able to tell you after asking a few questions what the cost will be, and how long they will be. On arrival you should expect the Emergency Locksmith to look at the work required and confirm what the cost will be and only then after your agreement should he carry out the work.

You should expect that an Emergency Locksmith will try and get you back into your property without causing any damage to the lock however please remember that locks are made to keep people out and its not always possible to pick the lock in a reasonable time.

As well as lock picking locksmiths will use other techniques to gain entry depending on the type of lock, so they could slip the lock, bypass the lock, or even drill the lock if that's what's required. However you can expect most locksmiths to keep you informed about what they are doing and why.

On completion of the work you should expect the Emergency Locksmith to ask you try the lock to ensure its all working fine before taking payment and giving you a reciept.

High Security Antisnap Locks Supplied And Fitted In Coalville..


Here at Hightower Locks we keep ourselves updated on the methods employed by thieves attacking locks and the latrst method is by lock snapping which was origianlly called the (Bulgarian method, not my wording) using this method they can be in your property quickly and quietly.

So how can you help prevent this happening to your property ? Neale our Coalville Locksmith advises the use of High Security Antisnap locks on your doors, there are lots of makes of locks that advertise as being antisnap but they dont make the grade, Neale advises if your going to put antisnap locks on your doors then choose the best and these have attained the Highest secuity standards in the UK and thats 3 star diamond grading, if you would like some advice on High Security Antisnap Locks or a free quote from your locksmiths in Coalville then ring Neale on 07518 978761

Door Locking But Key Stuck In The Lock ?


If your door is locking but then your key is stuck in the lock then its probably due to a mis-aligned cam on the lock this normally occurs when a key is left on the inside of the lock and a family member tries to open the lock on the outside causing the mis-alignment.


The remedy for this is to change the euro cylinder either yourself or give Neale your local Locksmith Coalville a ring on 07518 978761 for a free quote, being a locksmith near you he can be with you quickly to solve this problem.

Postbox Locks Opened & Replaced

Coalville Locksmiths Postbox Locks

If youve moved into a new apartment or lost your keys then Coalville Locksmiths can open and replace your postbox locks for you.

Simply give Neale a ring on 07518 978761 for a free no obligation quote and if your happy with the quote he will arrange an appointment to suit you the customer whether this is on an evening or weekend we can assist.

Your Homes Your Castle With Locksmiths Coalville 07518 978761

Your Homes Your Castle With Locksmiths Coalville

Your homes your castle with Locksmiths Coalville 07518 978761 and so it should be Neale of Hightower Locksmiths is available to help customers be as secure as they can be in their own homes or business.


Hightower Locksmiths Coalville have locks to suit most budgets including standard security locks and high security locks we also supply and fit additional security to doors which in themselves would not be classed as high security but in combination with other locks provide excellent additional security, such as garage door bolts, locking window handles and sash-jammers which can be used on both upvc windows and doors, if your looking for additional security for your property or business then give Neale a ring on 07518 978761 he is here for his customers because without them he wouldnt be here.

Locks For All Doors With Coalville Locksmiths

Locksmiths Coalville Locks For All Doors

Its locks for all doors with Coalville Locksmiths 07518 978761, whether you have a wooden door, upvc door or composite doors we can help as we have locks for all sorts of doors.

Even thought the majority of doors in the UK are now of the upvc type at Coalville Locksmiths 07518 978761 we are often working on wooden doors fitting and upgrading mortice deadlocks and mortice sashlocks to British Standard these locks often called Chubb locks are of a good standard and provide excellent security for wooden doors that lead to the outside of the property, here at Coalville Locksmiths 07518 978761 we can supply and fit British Standard Nightlatches to replace normal nightlatches commonly known as Yale Locks again these provide a good level of security for wooden doors and will satisfy the needs of your insurers.

Garage Door Lock Problems ? Call Locksmiths Coalville 07518 978761

Garage Door Locks Coalville

Garage door lock problems in Coalville or lost your keys and need it replacing, whatever your lock needs are give Neale your Coalville Locksmith a ring on 07518 978761, there are different types and makes of garage door locks the older ones being whats called a T handle type as shown and the newer ones often controlled by a euro cylinder.

Your Local Locksmith In Coalville Neale can be with you fast or at a time to suit you the customer just ask, on occasions the lock may have to be ordered especially with the older locks and if this is the case then we may ask for a small deposit to order the lock.