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Hightower Locks solving your upvc door lock problems in Coalville just call 07518 978761 Neale your locksmith in Coalville is a Upvc Expert hes been working on these doors and windows for a long time and can offer his expertise to his customers in Coalville and surrounding areas.

Because Neale is actually a Locksmith in Coalville unlike some others who advertise your guaranteed local locksmith prices, a quick response and a can do caring attitude so if your have one of the following problems with your upvc doors or windows give Neale at Hightower Locks a call.

Hightower Locks Coalville Solving Your Upvc Door Lock Problems text h

Upvc Door Lock Problems Coalville

Common Upvc Door Lock Problems.

Upvc doors are lower maintenance than wooden but they still can have problems with the locks so if you have floppy handles, stiff handles, keys stuck in the lock or a snapped key in the lock or your door is locked shut or open but you are unable to lock it trhen give Neal your Coalville Locksmith a ring on 07518 978761 he can help at competitive prices.


Because upvc doors account for more than 70 per cent of all doors now in the UK Neale is working on these types of doors almost daily which makes him an expert working on these doors so when youve got a problem with a upvc door lock in Coalville he is the locksmith to ring.

Upvc Door Locks In Coalville How Do You Replace Them ?

The answer is unless you know how dont do it and give Neale of Coalville Locksmiths a ring on 07518 978761 and ask for a quote simply because he could save you money.

The lock on the right is the result of someone trying to replace a euro cylinder they ended up ruining the multipoint lock instead of just changing the cylinder, so in the end the customer had to call a locksmith to replace the full multipoint lock not just the cylinder.

Its like anything else when you know how its easy. Neale your Locksmith in Coalville

is working on upvc doors nearly every day so when he works on these doors and locks it looks easy.

There are over 30 different manufacturers of these locks all producing different models and sizes, some are now obsolete and most are not available from your local diy store so before you consider doing it yourself ask yourself a few questions (A) Can I confidently do this ? (B) If I need to replace the lock can I identify which make and model it is. (C) If I know which Lock it is can i get one the same day ? then if you answer no to any of these questions then call Hightower Locksmiths Coalville 07518 978761 for a free quote it could cost you less than your think.

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